Good Morning from Dover, NY! I decided to take a little road trip over the weekend and spend some time with my good friend and fellow photographer, Dave Hickey who lives in Phoenixville, PA. They still have some color here so taking the back roads to travel is a welcome relief.

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of assisting in the planning and hosting of the renowned Bluegrass artist Claire Lynch in concert at the historic Princess Theatre in Decatur, AL. My good friends David and DeAnn Milly (Gone 2 the Beach Productions) had contacted me month’s back and offered the proceeds from the evenings’ event to go to music education and the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation ( I felt it was a perfect fit and it was even more exciting knowing that it was our very own Microwave Dave and the Nukes that would be the opening act.


It was not the concert that had me most excited but rather the potential aspect of hosting kids from the Morgan County School system to attend one of our “Concert in the Classrooms” programs at the theatre with Claire and Dave as the musical educators.  It would be a rare opportunity for these K-6 classrooms to come to the theatre and have the ultimate experience. The “Concert in the Classroom” is the brainchild of Microwave Dave Gallaher and bassist Rick Godfrey and is the main program that the foundation offers to the school systems of North Alabama free of charge. The aspect of partnering with the Princess Theater was the icing on the cake.


We were very fortunate to make contact with Dr. Cherie Humphries of the Morgan County Elementary educational system who was vey instrumental in making our dream a reality. Once we had the approval of the Superintendent, Mr. Hopkins we set the plan in motion to have school children bused to the theatre for the 1½-hour program.  Most of the kids had never visited the theatre and few would ever have the opportunity to experience two legends of the music industry.


For the MDMEF board it was a dream come true and I believe for the 150 kids that were in attendance it was the experience of a lifetime. Both Claire and Dave shared their inspiration and experiences of the early influences that guided them into the music industry. It was their early childhood experience that affected them both.


It is extremely gratifying to know that we may be influencing children at a very early age to not necessarily follow the path of musicians but to know that you have follow your dreams. The Microwave Dave Music Foundation was formed to inspire the youth of North Alabama and we are very excited to be continuing our mission. The concert at the Princess Theatre was an incredible evening for Blues and Bluegrass fans with Microwave Dave and the Nukes and the Claire Lynch Band. But the kid’s concert stole our hearts and I know that the Foundation was extremely proud of having been able to provide the opportunity to the Morgan County School children.

If you would like more and know how you can help make a difference, go to our website or ( our Facebook page.  Here is to the future of inspiring youth. ENJOY!!!!!


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