A very happy Monday morning to you! I hope you were able to get out over this beautiful weekend. There were so many activities and events going on in the city that you would have needed a social secretary to keep up with your social calendar.

One of the more unusual and interesting events that occurred over the weekend was the Tennessee Valley Lineman Rodeo. Its not what you would think, it’s a not your typical rodeo with horses and bulls but rather a unique event that has electrical linesman climbing poles performing tasks and being judged on their skills. The 20th Anniversary contest of the TVLR was held at the Space and Rocket Center complex where two fields of power poles were set up for the linesman to climb and compete.

Basically, individuals as well as teams compete in skill competitions of duties they preform on a daily basis. Judging for the utility linesman challenges is based upon safety procedures, work practices, neatness and ability, equipment handling and timely completion of each event. It’s a qualifying event for their industry showcasing their skills. It’s kind of like a regional qualifier for the Olympics of Utility Linesman. My initial introduction to this type of event was many years ago when I was shooting a book project in Kansas City. I believe it was the Nationals competition.

What struck me about that event was the same thing I felt while walking around the grounds of this event. What we might consider common, these individuals take very seriously and are extremely skilled at what they do. They enjoy a brotherhood and support one another, much like when disasters occur and they help each other. The events may not compare to a sporting event but do not tell them that. For their two days of competition and glory they go for the Gold. Enjoy!!!!