There are those that say Life is a Beach and then you die …. The one part they leave out is you still have to go through Atlanta to get to your final destination. 

I will spare you the total story this week because I will be on travel heading to Huntsville and parts unknown. Of course the parts unknown I really do know. So, if you see a guy that looks like me in Huntsville and he is wearing a Red and White suit with a funny looking hat it’s not me, but a guy in black and white may just likely be ME!!!!

OK, maybe I do have a little statement in that tourism and fishing with beach access provides many benefits to the Outer Banks including employment opportunities, improving awareness of conservation objectives and stimulation of economic activity. Tourism, along with prudent conservation, is a major vehicle for realizing tangible benefits for local communities with wildlife populations occurring on their land. There continues to be the constant struggle of man vs. nature and nowhere is it more prevalent than Cape Hatters National Seashore. The “battle for the beach” is a David vs. Goliath epic being waged by the Audubon Society and the National Park Service and pits them against the residents and tourists of these thriving island fishing communities. If interested become aware and get involved …… there are a few sides to every story:

Outer Banks Preservation Society:
National Park Service

Of course we all know the best preservation policy is … “Take only Photographs, Leave only Footprints” …. Happy Trails!!!

Footprints of OBX

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Best wishes – Happy Holidays ……….