What is it you get when you mix Barbecue and Salsa together? You get a great weekend spent with friends enjoying good times, great food and cold beer! What better weekend could it have been then to take part in the Whistle Stop Barbecue festival on top of Cinco de Mayo.  It just does not get any better!

Sunday, I took a break from all the festivities and decided to travel some country roads looking for that perfect picture. Most of the farmland is filled with growing crops of corn and grain and that in it self makes for shooting some interesting abstracts of color and motion. As I was driving down one of the side roads and looking at the build up of clouds that were to proceed the Sunday night storms I noticed a field off to my right with one tree standing directly in the middle of a corn field. What caught my eye was the dynamic of the tress juxtaposed against the sky. Of course, I just had to stop.

You know, the beauty of the moment was well worth the stop but I cold not help but reflect on why “just the one tree” and why in the middle of a cornfield. Was it a statement to the frailty of nature and our continual migration as a society to the disappearing landscape of America’s farmland? Or was it more of a testament to the resilience and fortitude of nature to withstand the onslaught of man’s continual intrusion?

As I photographed the ballet of sun, clouds and tree dancing together, I wondered for a few seconds the potential outcome of nature’s dilemma and the complexity of the question I had proposed and then reality set in. Maybe it was just one too many ribs, chips and salsa and the few cold libations that had possibly influenced my thought process. ENJOY!!!!

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~ dennis keim ~