Good morning to you all and happy day after Easter. I hope yours was a basket filled with Easter cheer and the true meaning of why we celebrate the day.

At the nudging and insistence of a good friend, I found my way to Venice, FL last week to participate in the birthday celebration for one of my ex-roommate’s and former curator of the Space and Rocket Center, Mr. James Hagler. My arrival and participation was kept a secret to James. Unfortunately on the night of his party James was too sick to attend and even though the party was postponed, a few of us still found our way to “Back Eddy’s Bistro” to celebrate in his absence. It is, after all, what true friends do!!!

Prior to my departure from Huntsville, I had received another call from my best friend from Tampa, who now lives in San Diego. Tom called to let me know that he was traveling back to Tampa for a week or so and that “our group” was getting together for a small reunion dinner. Tom asked if there was any way I could find my way to Florida and attend. Not knowing at that time I was going to be in the Tampa area, I declined but soon realized that, given the date, I would in fact be in the area attending James birthday party. I came to the conclusion that I could “crash” two parties and surprise both. So that is exactly what I laid plans to do, attend James’ birthday party and then, telling no one, show up for the dinner party.

You see the dinner was to be a small gathering of Florida friends whom I have known for almost 40 years. As impromptu as the dinner was, I knew that it would a night of frivolity, tall tales, great food, a fair amount of wine consumption and a night not to be missed. The look on my friends’ faces when I walk through the door was priceless. We found ourselves migrating to the back yard as the sun was setting and what a beautiful sight it was. My friends MariDru and Greg live on the backside of a marsh in Land O’ Lakes. As the sun set I found myself lost in the moment, reflecting on just how beautiful it was and wonderful it was to be sharing this time with dear friends. The setting was as priceless as the evening spent catching up on our current adult status while reliving and embellishing our past childhood escapades. The more the wine flowed the more the stories grew. It was a night to remember.

All in all it was not a bad way to spend a week where I had two opportunities to be the surprise and spend time with dear friends. Like the setting sun, it warms the heart! ENJOY!!!!!!


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Best regards …… dK