Good morning to you all and my hope is that you are off to a stellar week at work. MY apologies for being a day late from my normal Monday Blog schedule but I am currently on assignment in Lancaster, OH.

I had the pleasure to travel to Lancaster to do a two-day fitness shoot for a good friend, Denise Frysinger, who owns a fitness facility here. She was in need of updating her marketing materials, as well as, wanting to photograph some of her up and coming fitness stars. So for the last two days I have been locked in her gym shooting photographs of a combination of beautiful bodies and rock hard bodies. I had hoped by the virtue of being in the proximity of all the weights and perspiration I might walk away with a few less inches around the belt line and a few more muscles but I get the feeling in just does not work that way. Check her facility out at but you could wait just a little bit until the “new” images have time to find their way to her web pages.

One of the reasons I held off on doing my blog was due to the fact that I had not had an opportunity to get out and shoot around the area and I just knew that I wanted to showcase a little of the beauty of Fairfield County. For those that have never been to Lancaster, it is full of rolling hills, a quaint downtown and is surrounded by beautiful farms and country. The farms here are just spectacular with their incredible cornfields and “white” barns. It seems they paint almost everything white here.

Knowing that I love finding out more about the historical nature and beauty of a city the first place Denise took be to was the Rock Mill and Covered Bridge which is just outside the city and now a park. The gristmill was built in 1824 and the Rock Mill covered bridge in 1901. The mill was in operation grinding flour and corn into wheat and meal until 1905.


The mill sat vacant for almost 100 years until the owners donated it to the Fairfield County Historical Parks commission. Through grants, donations and fund raising the building went through an extensive repair and in 2012 a replica of the 26-foot diameter water wheel was added to complete the renovation. Down stream from the Mill and Hocking River Falls is a beautiful meandering stream that was just waiting for the next artist or hiker to come through. Being the “explorer” I am I decided to heed the call of the wild, at least for 100 yards or so.


On the second leg of our one day “road trip” Denise was kind enough to humor me and take me out in the country where we came across two freshly painted “white” covered bridges Both have been moved from their original locations and are being preserved as visual anchors to local parks that border streams. Each was charming in it’s own way but there was something about the open-air look of the Hanaway Covered Bridge that really caught my eye. Although it was still under renovation the light and shadow detail on the interior just provided for its very own identity.

All in all it was not a bad way to spend the day touring the countryside with a very dear friend. ENJOY!!!!!!


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