A very happy Monday morning to you. It was a glorious fall-like weekend with the temperatures falling and leaves on the tress changing from green to hues of gold, orange and red. College football is in full swing and the march to the college football BCS Championship game is getting closer. Could life in Alabama be any better?

Tomorrow is a very important day for Alabama and the United States. The Tuesday mid term elections could very well set the tone and direction for the future of our state and the country. If early voter balloting is any indication of how important this election ha s become, the predictions that voter turnout could approach over 50% of the electorate is an extremely powerful indicator of just how energized Americans are. The key is – #VOTE!

The most important thing we all can do as Americans is go to the polls on Tuesday, exercise our First Amendments rights and cast our ballots for the individuals that we feel will best represent our interests for our state and our county. Make your voice heard. #VOTE

Wear you “I Voted” sticker proudly. Thanks to Ms. Jessica for assisting me with my visual campaign to “Rock the Vote!”

“My name is Dennis Keim and I approve this message!” #Vote