Happy Tuesday morning to you. I hope that in spite of the inclement weather you were able to find a way to enjoy your Labor Day weekend! If nothing more than sitting at home in front of the TV, most of you are now were aware that college football has arrived.

Some of my fondest memories growing up are associated with the Labor Day weekend. Knowing as a kid that it was our last weekend before school started in Florida, made it that much more imperative to make the most out of the weekend. Like most Americans it was a weekend closely associated with travel and some form of water. My dad was a boater so our time was directly spent on the lake or in the gulf.

I was fortunate enough to start this Labor Day weekend slightly early by meeting a group of friends in at Guntersville Lake on Thursday evening and heading over to the bat cave. It seems that one particular great horned owl has taken up residence there in the evening and it dining out on the bats. As the sun was setting the river became a wash of orange and blue and it was just a spectacular sunset.


And as promised, the great horned owl did appear and the show continued under the mask of darkest, quite the “Wild Kingdom” kind of moment. The low light did not offer much in the way of photography but just to sit and watch this act of nature take place was worth the price of admission. It was breathtaking to see this majestic bird take flight and hone in on its prey as the bats began to exit the cave in mass under the cloak of darkness. Thanks to Mike, Matt and Julie for the invitation and the greatest show on earth, well at least for that Thursday evening.


With the arrival of Friday and the official start of the weekend I headed over to Decatur to start what eventually ended up being a 4-day extravaganza of boating on the Tennessee River and skirting in and out of the marinas dodging rainstorms. The storms were particularly severe at times so boating became a secondary aspect of the weekend as we fellowshipped with other boaters in the marina doing what you do best on these types of festive weekends, watching college football, eating a lot of wonderful food and drinking our fair share of our favorite libations. The rain storms subsided and the sun broke through Sunday evening allowing for a sunset cruise and as most of you know Monday became we had all hope for, an absolutely amazing day to be out and about on the river. It was like every one was sitting on ready the minute the sun rose because boats were every where on the Tennessee river. It ended up being the perfect Labor Day for being on the river.

Being on the river for Labor Day brought back incredibly fond memories of how my last weekends of “freedom” were spent growing up in Florida. I am very thankful to all my friends for the invitation to spend time with them on the water and to relive a little bit of those times. ENJOY!!


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Best regards ………. dK