Good Morning to you all. If you headed south, I hope you weathered the rains and high water aftermath from Hermine. If you stayed in town like myself, I hope you found time to get out and enjoy the holiday weekend.

My week and weekend was pretty laid back. I had commercial shoots that kept me local. This Labor Day weekend, I chose to stay close to home in anticipation of the start of College Football and not get out with the fans. I must say it has been a long 8 months waiting for College Game day to once again start my Saturday mornings and with so many great games set for the weekend, I just strapped in and waited for the BBQ to be delivered. So many games and so few TV’s but I did what I could to watch my grandmothers’ Georgia Bull-Dawgs pull out an impressive win over North Carolina and then sat back to see what was predicted to be a real collision, Bama vs. USC. For those that wanted a boxing match, it was a knockout!!! BAMA basically fired up the coals and the freight train ran over the Trojans. Roll Tide!!!

Luckily for all of us that stayed home, the weather had slightly changed to almost fall like temperatures and the weekend was just fabulous to be outdoors. My Tennessee Tombigbee boat mates, David and DeAnn had gotten married a few weeks back on their boat with the great plan to come ashore and back to Huntsville Sunday for a Alabama wedding reception. It was a fun filled evening for David and DeAnn and all the family and friends that attended.  I had the pleasure to document a different “journey” for the Captain and First Mate as they danced the night away. I present to you – Mr. and Mrs. David Milly!


For all of my friends that did decide to brave the elements and head to the gulf coast I am so very glad that the worst of Hermine had passed by and hopefully they were able to make the most out of the last weekend of summer. For my friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina Labor Day Weekend seems to be the weekend when hurricanes and tropical storms come knocking. They got a double dose of the storms but it appears that the island was spared and they weathered the storm as well. Hurricanes and Mother Nature create some magnificent imagery and from the view of outer space, it is the beauty and the beast. I found this image on NASA’s website. Enjoy!!!


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