A hearty “Top of the Morning” to you one and all! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day “week” to everyone that is Irish and all whom wish to be Irish. I wish you health and happiness and the Luck of the Irish all week long!


Huntsville celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday with a weekend “Parade of Green” downtown with over 150 participating entries. By its very nature, the festivities and the parade are full of frivolity and this year it appeared to be in full force. In spite of the potential threat of rain, the masses came out to enjoy a “sea of green” and lined the streets to show their support of “green power!” It is always a pleasure to see the joy and excitement in the children’s faces, as well as, a few adults that may have already tipped a pint or two in support of their Irish pride!

Folklore tributes the Irish celebration and honors the life of the patron saint, Saint Patrick, whom is credited with charming all the snakes in Ireland to the sea where they drowned. The use of a three-leafed shamrock is said to represent and explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the unfaithful. The shamrock became Ireland’s national flower and the symbol for St. Patrick’s Day.

Until the 1970s, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was a minor religious holiday. A priest would acknowledge the feast day, and families would celebrate with a big meal, but that was about it. Irish-Americans basically invented St. Patrick’s Day in America. On any given day 5.5 million pints of Guinness, the famous Irish stout brand, are consumed around the world. But on St. Patrick’s Day, that number more than doubles to 13 million pints.

So my wish to you during this week of Irish celebration, “Here’s to me and here’s to you, and here’s to love and laughter. I’ll be true as long as you. And NOT one moment after.”

Kiss me I’m Irish ….Well I’m not really but for one day I can be. ENJOY!!!


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Best Regards …..
Happy Leprechaun Day!!!!
~ dennis keim ~