Just when I thought it was safe to go outside, having left the 110-degree daily temperatures behind in Phoenix, AZ, I returned home to the southern summer hospitality of excessive heat and excessive humidity. And once again I am reminded that hot is HOT!

I arrived home the first of the week only to realize that I had no definitive plans for one of our most celebrated holidays of the year, the 4thof July. Growing up in Florida, I foster fond memories of boating and swimming, friends, family and good food and FIREWORKS!!! As much as I can, I have attempted to continue that tradition with slight alterations as youth has turned into adulthood. The one consistency that continues to take me back to my youth is the “ahhhhs and the oooohs” of a fireworks show. No matter what your age, I believe we will never escape that feeling.

While weighing my options, my good friends Phil and Kathy Sowder called with an offer to good to refuse, sailing on Lake Guntersville and the 4thof July fireworks display. Being on the lake sailing seemed to be the perfect answer to the heat and the sailing has been stellar of late for this late in the summer.

The Independence day proved to be exceptional with a full day of winds that produced a great day of sailing and then topping off the evening with the Lake Guntersville fireworks. Add in a few beers, boiled peanuts and some barbeque, it just does not get much better than that. The tradition continues. ENJOY!!!!

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