Hello and a very happy 4th of July extended weekend! The weather has not been very cooperative for outdoor festivities and having the actual day on a Tuesday has separated the celebration from being part of the weekend activities. We can only hope that we do see some relief from the showers, allowing the fireworks to take place and shoot skyward.

Independence day is in its 241st year of celebration commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 that declared the thirteen colonies of the Americas from the British Empire. It was first recognized by Congress in 1870 as an “unpaid” federal holiday and in 1938 made official by establishing it as a paid federal holiday. The holiday is best celebrated with family barbecue outdoor activities, parades and fireworks. Hopefully the weather will ease up and allow for most of those festivities to occur.

With the weather as it has been on and off all weekend we can only hope that the weatherman’s report of not so perfect weather for the 4th of July is incorrect and rain the Fireworks celebrations scheduled for tomorrow evening. I always look forward to being on the lake or at the US Space and Rocket center for what has become a tradition of an exceptional visual spectacular of sights and sounds. Obviously the Space Center has a few additional icons to make the evenings festivities a wee bit more visual. So, in anticipation of clear skies and an amazing fireworks display I have pulled one out of the archives just in case – It does rain on our parade. Enjoy!