With a short work week behind you and then two days to catch up on your post holiday celebrations I can only wish you fond memories of your 4th Of July as you start the beginning of a full work week.

One of the most fascinating things about being close to the ocean is you never know what the weather will have in store for you. One minute it may be sunny and the next a full thunderstorm comes in off the coast. You always have to keep alert to the every changing conditions.

While eating dinner a few nights back I sat in amazement watching a lightning storm off the coast and marveled at the absolute pageantry of the show Mother Nature was providing.  It was as if she knew that the week before we had been left without a fireworks celebration and she opted to provide one of her own.

I was drawn to the electrifying ballet like a bug to a bug light. I grabbed my camera and off I went to capture at least “one moment in time” worthy of the show in which I had been provided a front row seat. For all that it was I am not sure I did it justice. Here is one moment in time of the fury and beauty of Mother Nature.

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