Good Morning to you from the frozen tundra of the north, North Alabama that is! Who would have thought that we would have been “under the weather” for this many days? Bundle up, it appears another artic blast is headed our way!

With the weather as cold as it has been over an extended period, it was only a matter of time before the small ponds and waterways started to freeze over. We are not to the point of hosting the Winter Olympics here but I am sure it is giving a few ducks and geese a little bit of an issue when they make their landing, sliding across the surface instead of making their customary majestic splash!

One day last week I ventured out for a brief time, enduring the elements with temperatures in the teens, to capture the beauty of the sun setting over an iced pond. Other than the bitter cold, I would have to say it was worth the effort to take in the majestic beauty of that moment.



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