Like most of you, I would imagine you are like me and ready for the rain and thunderstorms to go away but I must say my yard is looking pretty green and the grass needs cutting.

This week’s blog is somewhat of a riddle but for those that know me it is surely no mystery. It is a place that I travel often and frequently but not always is it the same location. It is something I really enjoy that most do not. I always photograph there but not generally with my camera. Well up until now!

Many years ago a dear friend and NASA coworker who was Japanese, Chieko Inman, took me to a sushi bar for the very first time and like most the only vision I had in my head was, “Raw Fish?” It has names like Maguro, Ebi, Hamachi, Unagi, Kani and Sake (Tuna, Shrimp, Yellowtail, Eel, Crab and Salmon). The purist eats it raw (sashimi) but most find it more appetizing when combined with other items sorrounded with rice (Sushi).

My “virgin voyage” has turned into a life long journey. There is not a city that I travel to that I do not seek out a local bar, well Sushi Bar to enjoy. My new goal in life is to introduce and share this delicacy with as many of my current and yet to be friends as possible. Eating sushi is a social activity shared by many or shared by one but you will never be alone when you dine. Most of my friends say I am obsessed. Some might just call me the unofficial sushi ambassador.

Last week I had the pleasure to combine two of my passions into one. Jim Xue, the owner of “I Love Sushi” ( asked if I would be interested in shooting a number of their entrees for their web site and brochure. As most of my friends would say, “It was a no brainer!”  The hardest part in the whole process was not eating any of the sushi while shooting it. In my mind Sushi is not only a eatable delicacy but the presentation is an art form. That’s why it is so enjoyable to photograph. And

YES, for once, I did take advantage of my photographic subject after the shoot along with a few Sapporo beers!!!!!

Enjoy! お楽しみください!

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Best regards ………. dK