A very happy Monday morning to you all. We have had two consecutive weekends with scheduled festivals in downtown Huntsville where the weather cooperated to allow both to take place. Panoply Arts festival was finally blessed with an exceptional weekend for sun and fun and Whistle Stop, with threatening rains on Saturday, was blessed with an occasional shower but the show did go on!!!

On Sunday I took advantage of the beautiful spring like day and went on a “walk about” and photographic tour on the Aldridge Creek greenway, one of the greenways in Huntsville. Currently Huntsville-Madison County is blessed with over 20 miles of multi-use paths and the overall master plan that is being developed through a partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama is to expand to over 180 miles of dedicated greenways.

Aldridge Creek was one of the first segments of the greenway plan opening in the 1990’s and may very well be one of the most used and most picturesque trails available. Around 4.5 miles in length, the greenway runs from Ditto Landing to almost Bailey Cove Road. There are many beautiful and diverse sections to the 4.5 miles of greenway but I think that one of the most picturesque sections may very well be just north and south of Hobbs road and just east of Challenger Elementary.

As I stood on the Hobb road bridge that overlooks the greenway, it was very apparent how much this greenway is used by a diverse and multi-age group including walkers, runners, bikers, skateboarders, dog lovers and strollers. While walking on the trail I came across a couple of outdoor enthusiasts fishing the creek who indicated there was an abundance of fish including large bass in the creek.

Currently there are a total of 9 multi-use greenways and the updated 2017 master plan calls for a combination of 312 miles of interconnected trails that include river trails, paved pathways, hiking trails and pedestrian-bike streets. For additional information you can go to the cities park and recreation page – https://www.huntsvilleal.gov/environment/parks-recreation/parks-and-nature/trails-greenways/. The future looks very green.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood – ENJOY!!!!!

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