So just when we thought it was safe to go outside the weatherman has said that there may be another snow on it’s way. All I have to say to Mother Nature is … “Is that all you got???”

I spent the first part of last week chasing what was left of the last snow in the higher elevations and north of us. As it slowly melted I felt as if I was looking at the last few remaining pieces of candy in a chocolate box. When full it was oh so sweet and thought nothing of diving in but as I come to the last few pieces I am not sure that I want to let go.

While making my snow tour around the Tennessee Valley I decided to head up to one of my favorite spots in the area, Falls Mill in Belvedere, TN. It is always a pleasure to see Jane and John Lovett, the owners, as they never seem to be without a welcome smile. Jane had actually enticed me to head their way with an email that included a couple of photos of the mill in all of its snow glory.

On the road to the mill I came across a scene that you only seem to see in movies. I literally stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the road. There standing before me were two majestic equines in an incredible country snow. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos while taking in the scene and winter surroundings.  I then stopped when I realized that they had taken notice of my presence in the same fashion that I had recognized them. We traded stares for a time as we sized each other up and then as quickly as that, they moved on. The brief encounter was like saying Hello to old friends.

I packed my camera and headed down the snow covered road giving reflection to what their thoughts may have been of the odd looking two-legged creature starring at them on the cold and wintry day.

Horse Whispers

I guess most of you have come to the realization that I am back Huntsville because my phone has begun to ring again. If you have any upcoming photographic assignments, please do not hesitate to call. As well, if you are looking for stock imagery or art for corporate or private collection please contact me by email or phone!!!!

Best regards ……….