Another great week in the neighborhood and what a wonderful week it was. Am I really in the south and is it really the first week of August?  Wasn’t the weather just spectacular?

With a free day on the ticket last week and my wonderful girlfriend in town, visiting from the Outer Banks, I decided to take her own a tour of the Alabama countryside and visit some friends. We traveled over to Guntersville, past the State Park on to Bucks Pocket and then took some back roads around Geraldine. As we were driving, we can across a freshly plowed field of hay. What an incredible sight with the sun slowing setting in the west, the puffy clouds in the sky and the beautiful field full of hundreds of hay bales. And what would a view like this be without a few horses to round out the picture? It sealed the deal. We decided to stop and take in the view.

You know stopping and taking it all in, just made perfect …. Horse Sense!!! I guess that is why we call it … Alabama the Beautiful!!!

Horse Sense

If you find yourself in need of someone for an upcoming photographic assignment that has a little “Horse Sense” and a pretty good “eye” – call or send me an email.

Best regards and have a great week ….. ~ dK ~