A very happy Monday morning to you. I hope you were able to make the most out of this past weekend.

I am currently in Pittsfield, IL instructing at a photographic workshop. Pittsfield is widely known for it’s hunting because of its massive deer population and elk. It is always an enjoyable time getting knee deep in the country and have an opportunity to take in some Mid-western fresh air. For the past few years we have stayed at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge.

To get there, I flew in to Chicago and met up with a very dear friend and road-tripping aficionado, Jeff Wahl. It has taken a little time to convert him from the A-B goggle trip photographer to learn to enjoy maybe more like A-C-E-D-B kind of trip if you know what I mean. Sometimes you just have to stop and photograph the roses. As we drove west on I-55, we got caught up in conversation and ignoring most opportunities to pull over to shoot. As time passed we came across Country Classic Car, an antique car dealer, just off the path of the historic Route 66. We had no choice but to pull over and take in the sights.


It was car heaven! They had almost every classic car imaginable like Model A’s, Model T’s, Hudson’s, Edsel Corsair’s, Cadillac’s and a slew of muscle cars like Barracuda’s, GTO’s and Camaro’s. It was a car collectors dream come true. Acres and acres of these classic cars and all we had was time on our hands to enjoy. We were coming in to Pittsfield a day early it was the prefect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride. No place to be and no time to be there.


As we walked the grounds and took in the classic sights it was the signature hood ornaments that caught my eye. Each and every ornament is a piece of art just begging to be studied and photographed and that was what I intended to do. The iconic ornaments that have become, a lost art with the auto industry, enthralled me with their detail and personality.


It was not until Jeff inquired about our location and the current time that we realized we had actually gone a little past our turn off point, 56 miles to be exact. You see as were leisurely passing down the highway, we became oblivious to the road signs and the GPS was turned off. I guess that is what great conversation and friendship is all about. So without much concern we returned to the business at hand, at once finished, got back on our journey seeking out our destination in Pittsfield. It was for one night at the “Green Acres Motel.”

That’s what good road tripping is all about – good times, good places and good friends. Many thanks to my dear friend Jeff for this current journey and allowing me to be his wingman. ENJOY!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic assignments. All of the art showcased in my blogs, as well as, on my web sites is available for publication or for purchase as corporate and residential collectible art.

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Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~