I hope this email finds you doing well after another week of the Christmas ad onslaught. The good news is we only have a week and half to hold on and then the Jolly Roger himself arrives, taking care of business.

I write today from the eastern seaboard of North Carolina, my home away from home, the Outer Banks. It has been almost 4 months since my departure due to Hurricane Irene. Getting back on to the island had proven to be somewhat of a  difficult task, after the hurricane, due to the destruction and my designated status as a “non essential”! It was not until late mid October that they were able to fix the breach in Hwy12 and allow non-residents back on the island. Even months later there are still tail tale signs of the damage Hurricane Irene did but nothing shows more than the lack of tourists and residents. The once vibrant island is left to the residents that live here and those few tourists, mainly fisherman, that have
found their way back. What I left in August is a far cry from what the island is experiencing today. Almost all the businesses have shut down for the season, if not locked their doors ands moved on.  I am sure it will take time for the vibrant nature of the island to rekindle it self. The one thing I know for sure is the individuals that call the Outer Banks home are a very dedicated, resilient group of villagers. It will take more than a hurricane(s) to alter their loyalty.

One of the “many” things I enjoy most about the islands is Mother Natures’ nightly show and the beauty of the setting sun. Each night has it’s own pageantry and “she” has done all she can to continue to rejuvenate my love affair.

This is a photograph of the “greeting” I received on my return to the island. No wonder I fell in love – with the Outer Banks. Enjoy!

Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

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Best Regards …..
Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~