A very happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to you all. You might be just a wee bit late if you are still making your lists and checking it twice. I trust that your holiday will be filled with the spirt of the season and that we can put 2020 in the rearview mirror!!

Normally I would be writing you from Mesa, AZ but due to the pandemic I decided not to travel for the holidays and spend Christmas in Sweet Home Alabama. I sent my Christmas list in early with an address correction so Santa could fine me with a safe and social distancing delivery. I have it on good faith that he will be leaving the North Pole tonight where he is currently checking off lists and packing the sleigh with one of his favorite elf’s, Ms. Bailey!

A few years back I started a holiday tradition of photographing Santa Claus with one or more of his helpers. Santa and his elves have been in quarantine at the North Pole so as difficult as it has been with Covid, all are safe. Santa was even able to make a trail run to meet me in Hump, AL at 1910 Gin for a photoshoot.  We were fortunate enough to have one of his elves, Ms Stephanie Miller,  come along to experience a “Alabama Christmas” and assist.

I love the holidays and always look forward to sending out my yearly Christmas blog with Santa themed photographs. This year’s Santa session was no exception, filled with many Ho Ho HO’s and a few new unexplainable surprises.

Fortunately, Santa’s duties sometimes require him to step away and check in on the North Pole to see how the elves are doing stuffing all the bags with Christmas toys. While Stanta was away, I was able to focus a little attention and holiday cheer on his Elf Stephanie, looking every so lovely in a field of cotton.

This year, Santa had his hands full trying to social distance from the world,  making sure that Covid did not reach the North Pole. All of the specified CDC rules very followed very closely and one of the many gifts that found its way under the Christmas tree was a new but very confusing “mask outfit”! It left Stanta guessing.

Once Santa returned to the North Pole, tradition has it that he fuels up on his favorite drink, “Coca Cola, no Ice” in preparation for the very long trip ahead spanning the globe on Christmas eve.

Wishing you a Very Blessed Holiday Season!


May God bless you and keep you safe!