Good Day to you all. My apologies for the blog being somewhat late today but the difference of time zones has me still dealing with a little bit of jet lag. First cup of coffee down so here we go.

Last week I was in Pittsfield, IL instructing at the “Hit the Lodge” photographic workshop with the group. For five fast and furious days we seclude ourselves in rural America (amongst the barns, deer and cornfields) with a collection of professional instructors, models and makeup artists to provide an intensive learning forum for 20+ aspiring photographers. The workshop provides for extensive studio lighting setups, as well as, the opportunity to hopscotch across the rural terrain looking for optimum outdoor shoot locations. The locals begin to think there has been an invasion for the few days we mix and mingle. We mostly hear, “ You are not from around these parts?”

One of the locations we used, as a backdrop was a rock quarry in Hannibal, MO, which is now used for 4-wheeling racing competitions. The quarry provided a diversified challenge for the photographers and models but was an exceptional location. Travis is the lucky one, our only male model amongst the bevy of beauties.

I think one of the unique aspects about the workshop is the diversity of talent involved with the workshop. We have instructors, models, MUA’s and photographer that are an international blend of travelers and educational levels. I do not generally showcase any of the photographs from the workshops but there were a couple more images that I found to be very unique. One of the treats this year was a model that chose to participate while in the latter stages of maternal bliss. I cannot think of anything more beautiful that embraces her maternal beauty. Marjorie was a real trooper and gave the “slim” ladies a run for their money.

The one other shot I enjoyed was a secondary location we used on the banks of the Mississippi river. A tree stump had found itself washed up on the bank and it provided the perfect background at sunset. Thanks to Miranda for braving the elements to make this photograph happen.

So that was “Stop #2” on my current journey.  Look for great things to come from my stopover in Arizona to visit family.

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Best regards ………. dK