Good morning to you all! I trust you enjoyed your Halloween weekend and caught a little rest with one more hour added to your weekend schedule.
My apologies in advance for subjecting you to a second week of Halloween blogs but like “SugaCrisps”, I just couldn’t get enough!

As a child, one of my all time favorite comic strips and TV shows was Dennis the Menace. I loved his very playful but very precocious and mischievous nature. I loved him so much that I always thought in some very endearing way I was named after him. As such, much to be parents wearing patience, I tried to live up to the billing while I was a kid. My antics elevated as I became a convert with the Little Rascals. I have no doubt there were times my parents questioned their choices on what I watched. At least I hope that was the whole story.

This Halloween I finally got to act out my child hood fantasies when my desire to be Dennis the Menace was fulfilled. One of my best friends had made a few masks in the past and I had been after him for a couple of years to make me one. I came to him with the idea of a Dennis the Menace mask and he graciously agreed to make me one.  I finally had an opportunity to be the Boy Wonder and what a fun filled evening we had. It was most satisfying when I reveal my true identity and people put the pieces together, Dennis being Dennis the Menace!!


What a thrill it was to spend the evening reliving my childhood comedic fantasies as we trans versed the many ghouls, goblins, Day of the Dead fans and the many Super Hero’s. Even though my character was very recognizable, I cannot say the same about my companions. The best I could come up with is that had to be my “southern cousins” Their masks are the best but not very well received. You can see it in the eyes of all of those that they encounter. No matter the reception, it is always an extreme pleasure to trick or treat with them and see the transformation into the “happy couple” they become as the night wears on. Many thanks to Philip and Kathy for being my running buddy’s!!!!

Right out of the comic strips! ENJOY!!!


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