A very happy Monday morning to you! I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration joining with family and friends! Growing up with a very religious background, Easter was always a special day for my family. The Easter clothes, Easter Service, Easter lunch and then the Easter egg hunt, all of which remain very special memories. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the true meaning of the day and the sacrifice Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior made. And to my Mother, who would have been 93 on April 11, Happy Birthday Lucy!

I arrived home last week from a two-day trip shooting for the Food Bank of North Alabama in south Alabama to the eminent threat of a severe thunderstorm. Looking at the clouds moving thru the area, I felt it might provide for a pretty spectacular sunset. I was wrong about the sunset but as I hung tight, realized that I was going to be treated to one incredible ballet of clouds dancing across the sky.


As a child, I spent hours looking to the skies and playing a game trying to recognize the many shapes of the clouds as they transformed themselves into different objects of art. I remember the many animals, faces and figures the clouds formed as they collided like splattering paint on a canvas! It left me breathless and I guess, some things will never change. I still stand in awe of HIS artistic gift to us.

As I stood and watched as the clouds transformed themselves, I did not realize the many figures being created before me. It was not until I sat in front of my computer looking thru all of captures that the many different images began to appear. Find you inner child once again, play along with me and see what you find in each of the cloud formations shown below. I will provide my “visions’ in next weeks blog.

Happy Easter and ENJOY!!!!!





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Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~