Happy New Year, Happy 2012 to you all. Where did 2011 go? All I can say is, if you are like most people I have talked to, we were ready for 2012 to get here. I wish you the best for a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.

I find myself in the same exact location that I was when I rang in 2011, in San Diego, Ca. visiting with good friends and celebrating the passing of another year. I feel somewhat like a stepchild when I come to southern Cali because I get to spend time with two sets of friends who eventually exchange my luggage and me much like two sets of parents. Luckily for me I was able to introduce them to each other a few years back and now they have become great friends. It has lessened the “social anxiety” I was experiencing!!!

San Diego is one of my favorite cities to visit for all of the obvious reasons. I have had the great fortune of meeting allot of wonderful people during my many visits and now they are not so unwilling to welcome a southern boy into their hearts and their homes. Like most places I visit I attempt to spread my time between business and social commitments, photographic road tripping and just recharging the batteries after the holidays. San Diego is in my all time top ten list of most beautiful cities to photograph. There are so many places to visit and so many wonderful vistas to capture the beauty of the cities skyline.

I was extremely fortunate to have each set of my “step-friends” to allow me to get around the city during their “scheduled time”. The weather for San Diego has been unseasonably cold and with the inland hot air masses meeting the cold air from the ocean breezes it has, on occasion, created a heavy fog bank that rolls in and engulfs the city. On two of my outings I encountered the fog but with two totally different outcomes.

The first is a skyline view of the city shot from one of the marinas. You can see the fog rolling in and starting to overcome the tops of the buildings.

San Diego Skyline

In the second view you have a sailboat approaching an extremely ominous structure, the Coronado Bay Bridge totally engulfed by the fog.

Coronado Bay Bridge

I hope that you enjoy the first of Blog entries for the upcoming year and will stick with me through out the year for new Miss-Adventures.

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Best Regards ….
Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~