Counting down the days until 2015 disappears and we welcome in 2016. I hope you had a good Christmas and you now eagerly wait ringing in the New Year. I will be celebrating NYE in San Diego, Ca. with friends.

I was really looking forward to spending Christmas with my sister and her family this year in Mesa, AZ although it was to be the first holiday without either of my parents. Over the many years we have created a lot of fond family holiday memories. I think there is no greater Christmas gift than the time we shared as a family and the memories we will continue to share as the years move on.

While visiting Arizona, I do my best to get in a little me time by grabbing the camera and chasing the hood of the car. Usually that means heading out right around sunset and finding a good location to capture mother natures best. One of my favorite places to go to watch the sunset is Tempe Town Lake, a beautiful water park that borders the city of Tempe and Arizona State University. Three bridges cross over the lake, one that accommodates the new Light Rail and two that allow traffic to flow in and out of the city.  The Valley Metro Light rail began construction in 2005 and was officially open in 2009. An LED light display occurs each time a train passes overhead at night and casts varying color designs onto the lake that adds to the holiday season.


During the holiday season the Mill Avenue Bridges are decorated with holiday lights and as the sun sets to the west, the bridges take on a very festive appearance as they offer a mirror reflection of themselves. The view is amazing from the north side of the lake.


After the sun sets the city lights take on a beautiful glow and the bridges mirror each other as they lead visitors and residences in and out of the city. It is a breathtaking view and one I enjoy each year while visiting during the holidays.  I hope your 2015 Christmas celebration was very memorable and than you were able to spend it with family and friends. Here’s to making the best of 2016!


Rocking in the New Year!!!
….. dK