It has occurred once a month for my entire life yet it presents itself for the entire world to witness. It is one thing if I were to guess, there is no one living that has not stared in awe at its beauty and splendor. For that brief period of time, it draws us in like a magnate and at first glimpse we are left mesmerized! It beckons us, it calms us and it speaks to us of love . We have been there. Don’t you think it is about time we found our way back and rekindle the affair???? Mother Natures Full Moon Rising!!!!

No matter how many times I have witnessed a Full Moon, I continued to be mystified by its magnificent glory. It is a spectacular sight. It might be the greatest show on earth and for those that choose to look up ….. it is FREE!

For those camera buffs, the image was taken Thursday evening with a Canon 300mm lens with a 2x extender. The original image (about 1/8 of the frame) was cropped to provide the resized image.

Full Moon

I have uploaded new photo web galleries with current images of the city. If you are in need of stock imagery or corporate art, contact me and I will be glad to provide the links for viewing.

Have a great week!
~ dK ~