Good morning to you all!! Please excuse the delay in the delivery of this weeks’ Blog.

I am writing you today from Norwich, England where I am taking a bit of a “holiday” road trip and visiting my dear friends Gill and Barry Moppett while I am recovering from PDSCS – Post Dramatic Santa Claus Syndrome. It is a symptom that some incur after spending a generous amount of time with Santa(s). I think I am missing the Jolly Ole Fellas or Julemand as they are referred to in Denmark and experiencing some separation anxiety issues. The Elf Doctor said to just travel a lot and spread as much cheer as possible and in time, it will all ease up. I must say that the Santa Congress was much more than I could have imagined or anticipated. I left knowing that I had made some lasting friendships that will not hurt when Christmas comes around.

After the Santa Claus Congress my tour guide, Stan Miller (STANTA) and I headed to Copenhagen to take up residence for a few days and do what we were looking forward to doing, sightseeing and road trippn. You see this was my very first trip to Denmark and I was looking forward to “photographically” capturing all that it had to offer. All we had to do was figure out the rail system, the metro system, look over a few maps and ask directions of anyone that we came in contact with. And of yes, there were the money exchange and language barrier issues that we were continually dealing with. Other than that, it was as we say in America a piece of cake. We basically had two days to fit in a lifetime of Danish memories from the bucket list.


We made our list and we checked it twice only to realize that we were to be changes in latitudes and changes in attitudes. We decided, due to expert travel recommendations to take a day and travel by rail to Malmo, Sweden. It turned out to be stellar advice! So off we went, explorers at heart taking the train to Sweden and embarking by foot for our first exploration! It was a visual overload with the history of the city, the statues, the street vendors and the parks.


One of the most iconic buildings in the city, amongst many, is the modern day Swedish skyscraper, the Turning Torso. It was the tallest building in Scandinavia when built and was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was an incredible site to behold from almost any vantage point in the city.


On day two of our adventure we headed to the waterways of Copenhagen, taking a guided tour by boat, which allowed us to get on and off as we saw fit. It was an exceptional was to see the city from a slightly different perspective than traveling by foot. As with all adventures, there was just not enough hours in the day to take it all in. I know we were limited in what we were able to see in those two days but there are many more lasting memories and photographs. I know now this will not be my last trip. ENJOY!


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