It is my last weekend on the road, with the Supershoots workshops, and what better place to be closing out our year then in Treasure Island. As I sit here in Florida looking at the Gulf of Mexico I cannot help but think back to my childhood and all the fun I had growing up on the Florida coast. I would imagine that most everyone that lives in the south has fond memories of vacationing in Florida.

The Supershoots events provide me an opportunity to travel monthly to beautiful locations but more importantly it allows me to give back to a community and a profession that has given me so much. This last event had a fairly large last minute wrinkle in that the organizer and lead photographer encountered a medical issue and was hospitalized in his home state of Illinois. With little time to react the group of instructors and staff when into survival action mode were able to follow through on his promise to provide a quality event.

I am happy to say that no “models were harmed” during the course of the two day event and it appears we were able to put on a pretty good show with out “our fearless leader!”

As I sat and watched the last remaining rays of the sun setting on the horizon, with the beautiful array of clouds canvasing the sky, I was once again reminded what a great profession that chose me to be part of it. I then turned to see the many portable strobes capturing the beauty of the models with this incredible background at their back and at that very moment I once again came to the stark conclusion why our leader, JT Smith has to be bald. Putting on an event like this and dealing with the many personalities and issues that arise from the curve balls you are thrown, can make you pull your hair out.

I hopefully have a few more events left to go before I pull mine out and can only wish JT a fast and speedy recovery. Now it is time for a little R&R on the Florida coast. Enjoy!!!

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Best regards. dK