Two weeks on the road and I am now back in Sweet Home Alabama. With the holiday ahead, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

During the course of instructing at a photographic workshop in Florida, one of the instructors mentioned that the Space Shuttle STS-129 was scheduled for a launch attempt the following Monday. It was news to me, which shows how one might, having worked for NASA, get lost in the every day demands of civilian life. Two of the instructors for the event had never witnessed a shuttle launch. With our obligations fulfilled we headed to the west coast with hopes that this would be a magical day for us all.

I had seen 20 plus launches during my career and the one thing that remained constant was, it never was a given that the shuttle would launch. But when it did, the spectacle of seeing it rise from the launch pad was one of the greatest events you will ever witness. Getting to witness it with good friends that never felt they would ever get the opportunity to do so   ….. Priceless!! As the shuttle raced towards the heavens, I realized just how fortunate we had been to see a flawless launch that went on time on such a beautiful Florida day.

As it plays hide and seek on it’s way to the International Space Station, a breathtaking moment in time of STS-129! Like a reunion of dear friends, I just might have to do it a few more times ……


I will certainly be around and available during the holiday season to assist with any of your photographic requirements.

Best regards ….. Happy Turkey Day!!!!
 ~ dK ~