A very good Tuesday morning to you all. It seems like only yesterday that I was coming home to Huntsville from an extended corporate trip and now I find myself on the front end of month long shoot trip to Florida. Such is the life of a “Have A Camera, Will Travel” kind of guy!

My November trip historically starts off with me instructing at a photographic workshop in Treasure Island, Florida for Supershoots.com. I have been coming down for a number of years with the workshop and always enjoy getting back to the area. As most of you know I was born in Tampa and so coming here is like stepping back into my old stomping grounds.

As luck would have it our weekend workshop ended up sharing the beach with the Treasure Island Veterans Day Fall Fly kite festival. The kite festival changed its name and original winter date to coincide with the Veterans Day Holiday and we traditionally conduct the workshop on the Veterans Day weekend.

What a spectacular sight it was seeing these kites float and dance with the wind. Most of us remember flying kites and if you grew up in Florida the beach was always a very fitting location. As hard as it may be to comprehend, I was continually distracted by the beauty of these huge kites and at times would lost track of shooting with the models.


The kites came in all shapes and sizes and many carried the Veterans Day theme of red, white and blue. One of the kites, shaped like a heart, was over 30’ in width. As I stood in awe of how magnificent and large these kites were I thought back to my childhood and my early kite flying days when sometimes we made our own kites out of newspaper. How times have changed.


When the winds subsided and the kites began to slowly drift back to earth I realized it was time to get back to the business at hand, photographing beautiful models on the beach. And if that were not enough, what better way to top off the day then capturing a breathtaking Treasure Island sunset!!!!! ENJOY!


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