What more needs to be said than it is Thanksgiving and my apologies to all those turkeys because I sure do love a good “day after” turkey sandwich.

More importantly and all kidding aside, it is that time of year when we give thanks for family and friends and for all that we are so blessed with, both spiritual and physical. 

One of the things that I am truly grateful for is that my mother has come through her ordeals and she and my dad are now safe and sound with my sister in Arizona. I am not sure what we would have done without her care and support and I am very grateful for all that she sacrificed for them.

In giving thought to what might be an appropriate image for Thanksgiving, I could not help but think “where” we give thanks the most. It is the one common place where we all find solace, our choice of a house of worship. I think of all the years I spent with my family in worship and when I return home to visit, it is the one place that my family and I continue to share.

On a recent trip to Portsmouth Island, off the coast of North Carolina, I came across the islands house of worship, which has endured the test of time and all that Mother Nature has thrown at it. In 1913 a hurricane destroyed the island’s two churches. The Methodist church, rebuilt the following year, was left leaning after a 1944 storm but still stands proud today.

As I stood in reverence and marveled at the majestic beauty of this simplistic structure, I could not help but wonder what testaments to faith all those that came to worship during those years of residence had professed. I am sure to those that survived and to those that perished this was the one place where they found time to give thanks.

I hope that you all take time to reflect on what the year has meant to you and how much we all have to be thankful for with family and friends – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Portsmouth Church

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Best wishes ………. dK

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