Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope and pray that it was a good and festive holiday spent with family and friends and that you are finally coming out of the comatose haze from the turkey hangover. I liken it to the many ways of preparing shrimp from Forrest Gump … Turkey .. Turkey Dressing … Baked Turkey … Broiled Turkey … Smoked Turkey … Deep Fried Turkey …. Turkey Salad … Turkey Sandwiches and so on!!!!

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend thanksgiving with my father and my sister and her family in Phoenix, Az. It was the first holiday celebrated without my mother and as difficult as it was, being with family and sharing memories made it a very special Thanksgiving. We all should be very grateful for the family and friends that remain.

Very seldom, while visiting Phoenix, do I get to spend time outside of the city and have an opportunity to photograph the natural landscape. The mountains and the desert areas surrounding the city are beautiful and majestic. You generally do not need to travel far to encounter every type of cactus that grows with abandon. I am always amazed by the quantity, size and form of each and every cactus. It is as if they have their own form of social community.

I was able to talk a good friend of mine, Herb Stokes, into taking a Sunday road trip and traveling to one of the desert area parks, McDowell Mountain Regional Park in the Sonoran Desert. The 21,000 acre park provided ample vistas which included a plethora of cactus and mountain ranges. To say the least, I was one happy “photographic camper”. Too many cactus’s, so little time but here are two of my favorite photographs.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park McDowell Mountain Regional Park

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Enjoy ……….
dennis keim