I think we can all agree that winter has shown its’ hand here in the south. Where did the fall go? Where did the summer go? Oh well, at least we have hot oatmeal, chili and SEC football to look forward to!

I would like to take a pause for one moment and send prayers to all on the eastern seaboard especially on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It appeared that they were to be spared this year, after two consecutive years of Hurricanes arriving on Labor Day weekends. But Mother Nature has thrown them a late inning curve ball named Sandy. The extent of the damage is yet unknown, with the major surge of winds and tide coming this morning, but it appears major erosion from the onslaught has occurred. I wish all my friends in OBX to be safe.

For most of us it was the weekend to enjoy the last of the autumn leaves, crank up the fireplaces and pick your favorite sports to watch. I took a few short road trips to attempt to capture the last of the colors but like most years I was out west during the peak and once again missed out on the opportunity. There were still plenty of things to enjoy photographically and one of those was a display I found on a trip to Mentone for the day: It was the Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear no Evil pumpkin triplets. We had arrived on the tail end of their Colorfest and the town was still colorfully decorated. Best wishes to Sandra Padgett at the Kamama Gallery for a belated Happy Birthday!

I always love doing “themed” shoots and with all of the holidays and celebrations we have this time of year you just might say I am having a “howling good time.”  Halloween is one of those celebrations that we always looked forward to during our childhood years. I am sure we all have our favorite stories to tell about “trick or treating’ during those days.  As adults we live vicariously through our kids and most likely we have continued with the costumed celebration on more adult terms. The one common thread is young or old; we love to dress up as our favorite ghoul or super hero.

I had one of my favorite models in town for a couple of days so we decided to put Halloween to the test. With the help of the impeccable makeup artist, Sylvia Smith and Hairstylist Tamika Gibson, this was one of the final results. Trick or Treat?

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Best regards ………. dK