A very good Monday morning to you! I hope your weekend was a great one.

I am writing you from Tampa, FL where I have traveled home in preparation to get my parents home ready to put on the market. A few years back my sister and I made the very difficult decision to move my parents to Arizona to live with my sister because of their age and failing health. Now that both have passed the homestead is the only thing left that ties us to the Bay area and it time to move on. I spent all my formative years there and it is a better sweet feeling to think that it will soon be a residence that I no longer call home.

On my way to the Bay area I stopped in Perdido Key to spend an evening with friends and grab some sushi at my favorite sushi bar in the area, Master Joes with my favorite sushi buddy. Ms. Marina Semenova. After feeding our sushi addiction we headed over to my good friends DeAnn and David Milly to watch the Alabama vs LSU football game. All and all it was a great evening – Roll Tide!

On the way to the sushi bar we noticed an absolutely amazing full moon rising and the temptation was just too great not to pull over and take a few photos. We were lucky enough to find a spot that allowed the moon to spread its beam over the bay and beautiful it was. Since experiencing the eclipse I have never looked at the moon the same way and I must say this was a beauty. Enjoy!!!