A very happy Monday morning to you all. It was another beautiful weekend in the neighborhood.

This past week a very dear friend of mine, whose wedding nuptials I will be capturing in October, asked if I might be available to fly to Destin, FL with him and his “bride to be” to look over the wedding and reception locations. After thinking about it for about 20 seconds I said yes and on Thursday we were on our way for the one hour and 20 minute flight. Matt and Ginger have been friends of mine for a few years and we have shared quite a few journeys together. As we were on our final approach into Destin we flew down the coast to get our first glimpse of the Florida beach paradise.

The trip was a very short 36-hour tour to get a preview of the wedding location, go over the logistics and look at the house they would be staying in. Added to that was a few rounds of seafood for lunch and dinner, lots of laughter and a much needed dip in the pool. The house they are renting sleeps thirty-two and will house family members and the wedding party. One of the more amazing aspects of the house is the 4th floor roof top balcony that towers above all the other homes. Access to the balcony is by a spiral staircase, providing a magnificent view of the area and the gulf and beach that is one block away.

With our tour completed on Friday it was wheels up as we headed north to stop off in Auburn, AL to tour the campus and meet up with Gingers son, Brandon who is a senior. It would be my third trip to the campus as an Alabama resident. My first was a trip to Jordan Hare stadium to attend a Georgia vs. Auburn football game and the other was to attend a journalism conference. After eating lunch at a favorite drinking hole, the Hound, it was wheels up and we were headed north doing attempting to do some sightseeing on the way. Matt took us on a flight path that included a fly over of the Talladega Superspeedway. It was truly an amazing view from 6,000 ft. perch.

The only thing left for us to do was sit back, dodge the cloudbanks and enjoy the view. As I looked out the windows the cloud formations were absolutely captivating. It was a fast and furious trip and I think we actually were able to accomplish a few of the things that we went down for. Of course it was Destin so there was a little bit of frivolity involved with my friend and travel companion Adina, offering up her own brand of social humor that kept us in stiches for the majority of the trip.

I am looking forward to going back in October for the actual event. Enjoy!!!!