For the last few weeks my world of photography has had me criss crossing much of the southeast and a little left turn out west.  I have had the absolute pleasure of having my ticket punched in North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Nevada and Tennessee.  I would venture to say that an apt title for this month could be Rock-tober!

Last week I found myself once again in very familiar October surroundings. For the last five years I have traveled to Nevada, instructing at a photographic workshop in the City that Never Sleeps ….  Las Vegas. Our annual photographic expedition brings together instructors, models, old friends and soon to be … new friends whom all share in the joy and passion of photography.

Each year our photographic excursions take us outside of the confines of Las Vegas Blvd and the many distractions that the city has to offer. This year we found ourselves instructing and shooting in dry lakebeds in Prim, construction ruins in the desert mountain of Indian Springs and Red Stone located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The beauty and the photographic opportunities that each of these locations has to offer is stunning.

But with all of the beauty that we encountered, it is still the mesmerizing allure of the city that continues to call us back. The glow of the city as you crest the mountaintops is like a beacon beckoning sailors whom are adrift and lost at sea. When the city comes into view displaying its entire majestic nocturnal splendor … it is truly a site to behold.

With all the city has to offer I still find myself continually migrating back to the one nightly extravaganza of music, lights and shooting water that make for the perfect ballet.  The fountain show at the Bellagio is the icon of the Ocean 11, 12 and 13 movies. It is by far one of the best tickets in Vegas and it is … free. It is most arguably the greatest show on the strip.

I would bet money on it!!!!

Las Vegas

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