Once again we – actually YOU – find yourselves with another 3 day holiday weekend. As such, Labor Day marks the end of summer. I trust you spent you vacation days off wisely.

As I reflect back on this past summer and all the travel, I cannot help but digress back to the days when I was in school and how much two holidays … Memorial Day and Labor Day played in marking such an important part of my childhood existence. The exhilaration, with Memorial Day, of knowing that school was out for the summer and the sadness, with Labor Day, of knowing that summer was over. Each year it was the same,  the stark realization that on the horizon was 9 months of sitting in the classroom. I could only ask myself “where did the summer go?”. I am not sure that I ever realized how much that time off meant until I entered the work force and the 3-month hiatus of freedom was no longer in the cards.

As I sat watching yet another spectacular sunset close out another glorious day on the Outer Banks I noticed this young boy, fishing rod in hand and somewhat oblivious to all that surrounded him. Lost in his own world, looking forward to his next big catch. I could not help but wonder had he given any thought to what awaited him the following week with the end of summer and the start of his next school year. More importantly, with him so intent on his next catch, had the thought of anything other than the “photo worthy catch of the day” crossed his mind? How important those days become and how valuable the photo memories of our time spent.

I would venture to say that we all miss those days and maybe that is why I find such an affinity for the time I spend in the Outer Banks. Trying to recapture my youth? Some might say I never grew up. Either of which is ….. All right by me!!!!

Hatteras Inlet Fishing

As I indicated last week in my blog, I am very excited to announce that my OBX art is now being handled exclusively on the Outer Banks at the Roads End Gallery in Hatteras and the Down Creek Gallery in Ocracoke.

I return home this week and look forward to catching up with you all.
Have a great week!
~ dK~