Good Monday Morning to you! Like most of you, anytime I have a chance to head south, put my toes in the sand and smell the fresh salt air, I do so. As much as I would to like to say that is where my travels are taking me this week, I am actually heading to the Midwest to instruct at a workshop in Illinois and from there I head to Arizona to visit with my father over Fathers Day. But memories of the beach are calling.

Speaking of the ocean and beaches, a couple of weeks ago I did get the opportunity to slide down to Perdido Key to do a shoot and while I was there I was able to get in some beach time. Part of the three-day photo shoot actually involved shooting fashion clothing and bathing suits on the beach so it was double duty.


One of the things I always find captivating is the interest that our fair-feathered friends take in our activities. Is it the camera, is it the beautiful model or is it that they are just so comfortable with people that we are of no concern to them and they just want to hang? It seemed that everyday we shot the interest seemed to pick up, the word got around that we were there again and additional spectators joined in by making there way by land, sea and air.


As time and days passed, it became very apparent that we were just the sideshow; the birds were actually there looking for a handout from the fisherman who generally show up just before sunset to set up and cast their bait to the sea. The birds were there just there looking for dinner to be delivered. Never mind there were beautiful women parading up and down the beaches.

As the sun set and then disappeared into an array of golden hews, we became just a faint memory of the day for our fair-feathered friends. Knowing that I was at beach made being a “non-feathered non-rock staa”  just a little easier to bear.



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