This week we honor those Men and Women that have served our country in the Arm Forces. On November 11, Veterans Day. It is a time for us to reflect and pay our respect to those that have served and fought for the freedoms we share. My gratitude to each and everyone of them.

Knowing that the last day of daylight savings was upon us and that sunrise on the island was to step back an hour, Cheryl and I decided to get up early Saturday morning and drive on the beach looking for the perfect spot to capture the morning light. As we drove we came to realize that the weatherman’s prediction for a clear and sunny day had gone array and instead, we encountered gray skies, heavy winds, large surf and a slight drizzle of rain. But as they say, when one door closes another opens.

As we drove the beach we spotted an object on shore, off in the distance, just beyond the reach of the surf. Much to our surprise, as we approached, we realized that is was a fully-grown loggerhead turtle that had come ashore. You cannot imagine how mesmerized we were, to be so close, by the presence and beauty of this incredible creature.

The loggerhead is the worlds largest hard-shelled turtle, measuring up to 84 inches ( 213 centimeters) long when fully grown. The adult loggerhead sea turtle weighs approximately 135 kilograms or 300 lb. Loggerhead sea turtles spend most of their life in the open ocean and in shallow coastal waters. Loggerheads are considered an endangered species and are protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Coming face to face with such a majestic creature was well worth the early morning rise and the weatherman’s missed forecast for a beautiful sunrise. In fact, the once in a lifetime opportunity was better than anything we could have imagined we would have encountered or witnessed that morning on OBX.


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