Good morning and I hope that your soggy weekend did not dampen your spirits to enjoy another fabulous weekend of College Football. I grew up in Florida, was a Georgia Bulldog fan, moved to Alabama and through photographing Bear Bryant on the sidelines became a die-hard Roll Tide fan. Some may say I am just a “wee bit” conflicted!

Like most every one in American and around the world I am numb over what occurred in Las Vegas this past week. I think we all have questions about the senseless massacre of so many innocent individuals but it once again falls into the question of why? What, if anything, could we have done to prevent it or more importantly what can we now do to help prevent it in the future. If it was as simple as banning a select group of weapons, you would think we as a caring Nation would have done so years ago but it is very apparent by the divide of the Nation that there is no easy solution. I do not have the answer and I would guess most of you would agree that our nation is torn on the issue.

Over my number of years of blogging I have avoided entering into the worlds of political and religious discussion and as much as there is a need I will continue to reframe from preaching from the pulpit. As a photographer I have the opportunity to choose to show all that is good or chose to show all that maybe bad in the world through my eyes. This week I have chosen to capture the good and hopefully offer a moment of reflection and comfort.

Even in the darkest of times GOD has a way of showing us that brighter days lay ahead. I can only hope as a Nation that we can give pause and tribute to the lives that have been so tragically lost in Vegas and begin the process of healing and finding answers and solutions that are not regurgitating the rhetoric of “Now is not the time to talk about it!. “If not Now – then When?”

I hope that you find some comfort and solace in two images of the Huntsville sunset and the full moon that I captured last week.