For most of you … it is the last days of summer. One more Holiday weekend and the bathing suits get put away. I wish you a productive and speedy work week as you daydream about the dog days of summer.

The Big News facing the Outer Banks this week was that Hurricane season appeared to be blooming out in the Atlantic but luckily, Hurricane Danielle, did not make her way ashore.  The massive “swell” hitting the shores of North Carolina were tons of surfers, kite boarders and wind surfers expecting big things from the lady.  Few could resist the predictions of big waves and winds as the beaches became jammed with cars, surfboards and the beautiful people surfers heading from beach to beach jockeying for the perfect position and the perfect wave

For two days it was difficult to find a piece of beach to claim all for your own with all of the surfers, shore fisherman and spectators lining the shores. In the end it was the perfect weekend but the ultimate surf and waves never quite lived up to its billing.

So Brah (friend) most all that came were stokaboka (very excited) about the sand, sun and surf but d-u-u-u-de  (term said way too slowly by a valley sheep) there were way too many hodads (person who never goes in the water but acts and dresses as if he does} who sat and soaked up the sun as their dogs went sognar (wet dog shaking off) around them.

Over all it as a great weekend for the Outer Banks because any surfer will tell you he never wants to hear, “Brah, you should have been here yesterday!”

So with that said.” “Howzit, brah? The surf was epic today, fully macking double overhead corduroy to the horizon. Now it’s all buggery. Think I’ll jet to the food hut and grab a burrito and some sweet nectar. Latronic, dude.” Surfer speak translated in English, “the surf was good, now it is not, so lets head and get some food and libations.”

Endless Summer

If you find yourself in need of stock photography or have an assignment coming up, give thought to giving us a call and see how we can bring your vision to fruition.  Please do keep you fingers crossed that Hurricane Earl will miss the NE coast and not become a Knarly and un-welcomed visitor.

Best regards