Happy Thanksgiving. Just when you thought the fall colors were one and done we get another week of them holding on. Even with the three days of cold and rain they held true.

I had a free day on Friday and decided to roam the neighborhoods again only to find myself in Maple Hill Cemetery. There is no doubt that this has to be one of my favorite places to shoot no matter the season but this fall it seems to be extra special. Even in the latter part of the autumn colors the cemetery was very much alive with the spectacular beauty of the vibrant colors of the trees.

I have the pleasure to visit and photograph Maple Hill through most every season and in many weather conditions and it is one of my favorite cemeteries. I have my favorite spots and monuments that I tend to migrate to but my photographic choices were driven by the predominate colors throughout that compliment the grounds and foster an even great angelic nature.

I would venture to say that there is no way to drive by the cemetery and not take notice of the spiritual beauty and serenity that it has to offer. Maple Hill, which was founded in 1822, is the oldest and largest cemetery in Huntsville covering over 100 acres with over 80,000 burial plots. It houses 5 governors and five United States Senators. In 2008 the cemetery was added to the Alabama Historical Commission’s Historic Cemetery Register and in 2012 the National Register of Historic Places. Given the majestic beauty of the property there is little doubt why so many have chosen Maple Hill as their final resting place.

No matter the time of year, Maple Hill is a true record of Huntsville’s storied history and beauty and is well worth a visit. ENJOY!!!!