A very happy Monday morning to you! I hope you were able to get out and take advantage of the beautiful Easter weekend weather. Huntsville was blessed with a weekend full of spring-like weather, a full moon and beautiful sunsets. It was a photographers dream weekend.

While I was growing up, Easter Sunday as well as Easter weekend was always a very important and special weekend because of my family’s faith and involvement in the church and the religious significance of the day recognizing the resurrection of Jesus. As most of you may know my dad was a minister of music in the Southern Baptist church and Easter Sunday meant dressing up, taking family photos, church, dinner on the grounds and celebrating the resurrection.

Easter Sunday was established by the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and was set as the first Sunday following after the ecclesiastical full moon or the Paschal full moon. If you looked to the heavens over the weekend you may have noticed that an amazing full moon appeared on Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday I took the afternoon to drive around Huntsville and enjoy the day and the beautiful weather. Knowing that the dogwood trees maybe in bloom and feeling the significance of Easter I ended in Maple Hill Cemetery with my cameras. As I had hoped, the dogwoods were in full bloom.

Maple Hill continues to be one of my favorite places in Huntsville to find a little solitude and focus my cameras on the beauty and reverence the cemetery offers. I have my favorite headstones and monuments that I am continually drawn to when visiting the cemetery. Each offers its own personality and for me it was the perfect place for a reaffirmation of my spiritual beliefs and religious upbringings.


As the day began to fade I found myself in Brahan Springs park enjoying a beautiful and majestic sunset. I believe it was meant to be; the perfect testament to the most holiest of days. Enjoy!