Happy “day after” Easter to each and everyone.  I hope you had a very fruitful weekend with family and friends and that the Easter Bunny was oh so good to you.

I was very fortunate to have everything wrapped up towards the end of the week and with nothing scheduled I decided to head west to spend Easter with my mother, father and my sisters family in Phoenix, AZ. There is nothing better than being with family over a holiday and this proved to me a very special Easter for me. With 5 great nieces and nephews to chase, I found out just how “young” I think I am.

One of the more difficult things to do, with all the recent travel I have had, is choosing what photo I am going to use for my blog. With so many things to choose from over the last couple of weeks, I had put this photograph on the back burner. A week or so ago I was up on Monte Sano Mountain and realized that the evenings’ sunset was going to be a good one. I did not realize at the time just how spectacular a sunset it was going to prove to be. I have photographed “a few” breathtaking sunsets during my residence in Alabama but I do believe this one had a to be in the top five of all time. As the sun disappeared below the horizon, it became more mesmerizing with every second of cloud movement.

To the beauty of Mother Natures Art!!

Huntsville Sunset

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