A very happy Monday morning to you and here’s wishing that you had a very Blessed Easter!!! In my early years Easter always meant a new suit, a day of celebrating Christ and a basket full of Easter candy.  But my fondest memories are the times shared with my family. Photos of our Easter best were always taken and it is those memories that now fill my Easter basket.

Last week we had every type of weather we could expect for late March except snow. Then Friday arrived and with it a couple of beautiful days beckoning everyone to get out and take advantage of the sunshine and warming temperatures. And with the beautiful weather came the blooming of the Cherry Blossoms in Big Spring Park.

With the first days of spring, the Cherry Blossoms were parading in full bloom and putting on a show that may not be as great as the spectacle that Washington D.C. is known for but it is our own little slice of Cherry blossom life. Given that it was Easter weekend, I would have to say that it was even more appropriate and perfect timing.


Over the weekend the park was filled with thongs of people crowding the sidewalks feeding the fish and ducks as they took in the beautiful sights of the blossoming cherry trees. Selfies, selfies and more selfies were the name of the game as everyone was attempting to capture the moment with their camera phones. Blankets were spread throughout the park, dogs were walking their owners and kids were showing their parents what a walk in the park was all about. The most traveled bridge in Huntsville, the red Japanese bridge, played host to a colorful feeding frenzy by the resident fish while the visitors fed them. The “Friendship Bridge” and the initial 60 Yoshino Cherry trees were gifts to the city from a Japanese Major General, Mikio Kimata, who had spent time on Redstone Arsenal.


For a short few days the Cherry trees are and will be the perfect compliment and visual spectacle for the city as they announce the potential arrival of spring. As the day turns to night, the park takes on a totally different persona with the lit trees shinning like beacons as their reflection radiates around the pond. If you have not made it down to the park, do not hesitate because Mother Nature has a way of moving on. ENJOY!!!!!


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Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~