Today is Valentines Day, and I wish you all the best and all the riches of too much chocolate. For all those that are still happily single, I will play another round of the Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

While chasing snow last week, I took the opportunity to invite myself out to the US Space and Rocket Center. The Saturn Park is packed with significant historical displays including a full scale Shuttle and it is a testament to our cities rich history with the space program.  Of course, it got me thinking.

They stand as a proud legacy to our Nations past accomplishments. They stand as a testament to one visionary and a nation that believed in him and his promise of never giving up. Most importantly they stand as a proud reminder for all to see and point skyward to where our future still beckons. It is a scientific legacy of such monumental proportions that few accomplishments will ever measure up to it and most likely never be experienced or surpassed in our lifetime.  I would hope that is not the case.

I still see a future in space and I still see a Nation full of youth willing and wanting to believe and experience their dreams.  I look forward to the next “giant leap for mankind”. It will be up to us, as individuals, as a nation and as the true leader in the free world whether or not those dreams will come true.

What better setting then the beauty of Mother Nature and the majestic silent giants built by determination and dreams for all mankind. It is with best wishes that our city welcomes, Deborah Barnhart, the new CEO of the US Space and Rocket Center. Her Mission, “which she has accepted”, is to inspire the next generation, one child at a time.

USSRC-Saturn Park Snow

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