Welcome to another great week in 2012. I know that most all of the non-Alabama fans who watched “the game” thought it was lack luster and boring but I can only imagine that all of those individuals would be proud to hang another National Championship on their walls, not matter the score. One thing is for sure; no other state can claim 3 National Championships and 2 Heisman Trophy winners back to back. Sweet Home Alabama!! Can I say it .. Roll Tide Roll!

I was fortunate over the holidays to spend time with my father, my sister and her family. Family, without a doubt, is where is the heart of the holidays resides. Of course, being single has allowed me, over the years, to adopt a few close friends as family and after spending time in Phoenix I headed west to San Diego to spend time with two of my “second families”. It is the second year in a row to do so and includes countless other times of being on the west coast to celebrate New Years Eve in years past. What an exceptional city San Diego is and what an incredible opportunity the city and the surrounding areas have to offer for photography. It truly is on of my favorite areas to photograph.

My friends have come to, at least tolerate, my passion for photography and tend to find ways to accommodate their desires with mine. So this year my dear friends Tom and Nancie took me up to Romona, Ca to photograph Sutherland Dam but I quickly realized it was also to “hike” around Lake Sutherland, which when full, has 556 surface acres and has 5.35 miles of shoreline.

Lake Sutherland

The most impressive aspect though was Sutherland Dam, which began construction in 1927 and was finally completed in 1954. It is one of the last Dams built utilizing a configuration of what are multiple arched walls. The arches are called semi-ecological arches, curving between 18 buttresses, or abutments, which are the wall of the arches. The backside of the Dam reminded me of the Great Wall of China and the front was a magnificent array of rolling arches. Add in a perfect blue California sky and let the creative juices flow.

Sutherland Dam

I am back in Huntsville and ready to take hold of any photographic assignments that you may have. I am asking if you have a need for stock imagery, art for corporate or private collection or an upcoming assignment please contact me by email or phone!!!!

Best regards ……….