For the most part, it was another beautiful week in the neighborhood!!

It was, of course, one of those weeks you either loved or hated depending on whether you are prone to allergies or not. With pollen in full force, hay fever is rampant and eyes are watering.

The good news for the week is it appears spring has arrived and as is the case, GONE! We never seem to have that transition from winter to spring to summer temps. One day it is cold and the next day we are in the 90’s and then the cold sneaks back in. Such is the southeast. The trees and plants do not know quite what to do because they get the hint of warm weather and start their awakening and then another cold spell slaps them.

For those of you that had the pleasure to get downtown last week, on one of the “spring like” days, you were treated to one of Mother Natures colorful blessings, the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom around Big Spring Park. The display was a little later than normal due to the unseasonably cold weather we have been experiencing.  For those few blessed days, it was a beautiful sight to behold.


I was fortunate enough to have a pretty open schedule last week that allowed me to make a couple of photographic journeys to the park. With the weathermen predicting severe weather for this past Thursday I knew there may be little left on the trees after the storm blew through. So I decided to make the most of those two trips and photographically cover the park from every angle possible.


Not only were the cherry blossoms in full force but so were the “pitcher-takers”. You could not throw fish food in one direction without hitting someone. On my first of two trips, Monday afternoon, they were shoulder to shoulder looking to capture that perfect cherry blossom instagram capture. Well not exactly shoulder-to-shoulder, that may be a slight exaggeration, but there were a gaggle of shooters strategically position around the park. It was almost like an “x” had been placed at the perfect camera spots.

For those that did not make it…… Enjoy!!!!


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