So much for predicting the weather and the arrival of spring. Last week was wonderful and this week Mother Nature strikes again.

I had to make a quick trip over to the Outer Banks last week to take care of some business and for anyone that has driven the trip; it can be a long time in the “saddle”. Generally when I do drive the trip, I try to break it up in two half days leaving mid-afternoon on one and driving to Raleigh and from there leaving early morning so I can arrive in the islands by mid-day.

The luxury of making the trip by car is I get to see the countryside driving through Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. It is quite a diverse landscape going through portions of the foothills of the Appalachians, the Smokey Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the North Carolina farm country and ending up on the Atlantic Coast.  The great thing about having made the trip more than once is I now have a few chosen spots I like to stop at, stretch my legs and take a “snapshot or two” as my good friend Kevin May would say.

This trip I had to contend with not so acceptable weather but I still stopped at one of my favorite off ramps on I-40 to check out the Panther Creek area, just west of Canton. It is a beautiful stop with the Pigeon River on one side of the interstate and then this beautiful meandering creek off the beaten path on the other. I was able to find one spot the fit the bill and this is the capture from that moment. Partially seen in the shot to the upper right is the “former residence”, to the lower right is the bathing facilities and just out of the frame is the old out house which appeared to have seen more that a few issues of  “Country Living”. Enjoy ………….

Panther Creek

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